Hi, I'm Alex Alejandro

Web Developer over 4 years of experience in Mobile and Web Development.


Project 1

This platform is a comprehensive agent-client networking application, engineered using C#, .NET 8, Razor Pages, Entity Framework, and Identity Framework, all underpinned by a solid SQL backend. It facilitates a streamlined environment where agents can display their services and clients can effortlessly find and connect with them. The application offers specialized profiles, interactive features, showcasing the effective integration of these frameworks in creating an interactive and secure professional networking service.

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Project 1

This is a betting app I built using Next.js, TypeScript, and Prisma. It features capabilities for users to save, edit, and delete bets as needed. What sets it apart is its functionality to compare odds between different sportsbooks, providing users with a comprehensive view before making a decision. This project showcases the effective use of these technologies to build a user-oriented application.

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Project 1

This E-commerce app is a showcase of a fully functional online shopping platform built using NextJs, TypeScript, and Prisma. Users can add items to a shopping cart and move through a checkout process, with secure payment handling facilitated by Stripe integration. The app exemplifies the application of these technologies in creating a user-centric e-commerce experience.

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Project 1

This application is built using Flask and SQLite. It interacts with an external API to fetch Chuck Norris jokes, providing users with a repository of humor. A key feature is the user's ability to store favorite jokes and delete them as needed, showcasing effective data management and a user-centric approach.

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Project 1

Coinhub allows the user to explore over 200 different crypto currencies. Users are also able to view the top trending cryptocurrencies of the week, and the best exchanges for buying cryptocurrencies. Each cryptocurrency displayed is a link to a more detailed overview that includes chart data. Chart data is displayed based on the time frame the user chooses. This app uses React, HTML, CSS, Chart.js, and Framer Motion.

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Project 1

This application serves as a movie search tool, utilizing the TMDB API for sourcing movie data. Users can search for specific movies, and the application also displays a selection of popular movies based on current trends. Each movie entry comes with an option to add the movie to a user-defined watchlist. The TMDB API plays a crucial role in this app, providing extensive movie data. The application is built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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